morse code

About the label...

The ultimate polo shirt - .... . / ..- .-.. - .. -- .- - . / .--. --- .-.. --- / ... .... .. .-. -
Wear it right .-- . .- .-. / .. - / .-. .. --. .... –

As a new lifestyle brand, built on experience, morse code® reinvents the polo shirt and reinstates its premium status. While known strengths like its efficiency and versatility are maintained, its full potential is – finally – recognized. The result is a passionate and modern translation of a stylish classic.

Whereas the possibilities of other garments have endlessly been exploited, the enormous potential of the polo shirt was never done right. Now morse code® goes back to the days when the polo shirt was stylish, adding an attitude that makes no effort to hide personality.
At the same time morse code® takes the polo shirt one step beyond by pushing its degree of both innovation and comfort to the limit.

Wear it right

The morse code® logo, straightforward and made of durable rubber, symbolizes the quality of the brand. Wearing it on the ‘right’ side of the polo shirt announces the creation of a new original.



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